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A Farm Kid's Life

As if schoolwork isn't tough enough, add in the call of 40 acres of farmland and a four-wheeler, and you've got a Class A recipe for full-blown distraction! Spring is for sure sneaking in and these kids are ready for tree fort modifications that they've dreamed up over the winter; crawfish hunting in the back pasture's creek; and, antler-shed hunts with dad out in the woods.

Daron takes advantage of every sunny day to do a little more barn spring cleaning; and, the kids find creative ways to "help". (Today, Collin took aforementioned 4-wheeler with the concrete roller attached to level out some pasture.) It is a joy to do life alongside our kiddos. Having them join in, learn, and give ideas - all of it is what makes for traditions and family memories.

If you are out looking for your own family traditions, why not take a Spring drive, and stop by to get a tour of our little corner of heaven. While you're here - take a taste of summer home with you! Devon Valley Farm's 100% grassfed, heritage-breed beef will make a delicious, nutrition-filled addition to your dinner plans! (Not out and about? Order yours online at

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