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Once the stay-home ban is lifted and we can go adventuring again, our own hometown of Hubbardston is going to be one of our first stops! There is something almost Mayberry about grabbing popcycles from the convenience store, heading down to the dam and doing a little fishing together.

To be honest, this is one of the things I love most about our life here in smalltown USA. Hubbardston is a little town in Central Michigan. One where it was noteworthy for our family journal when the village got its little red light to hang over the one 4-way stop! There is a tavern, a convenience store, the fire station, a couple of churches, the Lion's Club, and our little shop on the corner....just waiting for its renovations to start someday! Just like the kids and their tree-fort modifications, I dream of the day I can finally get into doing something with the original brick and hard wood floors of the old Hardware Store of downtown Hubbardston. Oh the places we'll go!

Until then, I will keep growing my dream-file of farm-to-table dinner ideas; homemade ice cream blends and baked goods; and, European-Country inspired designs. Someday – hopefully sooner than later – you can join us for a grand opening on this very special little place where we plan to bring the beauty and fresh of farm to YOU!

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