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Frequently Asked Questions

Devon Valley Farms is committed to making the healthy benefits

and romantic idealism of small-town farm life accessible to everyone

We do this by: Keeping farm fresh products & animals cost-effective; Providing sacred spaces for peaceful beauty & refresh; Stewarding our land ethically & sustainably.

What do you mean by keeping the farm accessible?

It is our philosophy to make our farm accessible for people - whether that is through our 100% grassfed beef being as close in price as possible to popular chain store pricing for top end beef, the cost of free-range eggs, our kid-owned and raised Boer Goats, Golden puppies and more. We keep our superior products competitively priced with that of the "average" big box store product; and, your experience on-farm one that feels like "home".


Why are your puppies so affordable?

We believe that just because you "can" charge more doesn't mean that you "should" charge more. During Covid, many backyard Golden Retriever Breeders popped up saturating the market and introducing prolific scamming into the puppy industry. Some of that saturation of puppy availability still exists that keeps pricing competitive. Additionally, and most importantly, we like to say that our dogs are first part of our farm pet family.  They each have unique personalities! We believe that all families should be able to bring a Golden Retriever (a famously family friendly pet) home. We reflect this core value into our pricing by keeping the base price affordable and charging more for breeding rights instead.

Where is Devon Valley Farms located?

Our 40-acre, family-owned farm is located in picturesque Hubbardston in beautiful Central Michigan.  There are just 5 homes on our 1.5 mile stretch of back country road.  

What products does Devon Valley Farms sell?

Devon Valley Farms is licensed to sell 100% Grassfed Beef (by the quarter, half, and whole) directly from our farm.  Often, we have ground beef available in 1 pound packages as well.  Our beef comes our herd of Heritage Breed Red Devon cattle; which we sell as seedstock as available. Our children own/sell Boer Meat Goats and free-range chicken and duck eggs.  Our family also enjoys connecting AKC golden retrievers and CKC mini goldendoodles with new families.

PUPPY - Frequently Asked Questions

Are your puppies or parents health tested?

Genetic testing and OFA testing have been good screening tests for the breed as a whole. However, there is no guarantee that parents who test negative on genetic tests will have offspring that also test negative. Because of that our philosophy is to try to breed dogs that are healthy and come from healthy stock with longevity. For example, Maggie, one of our dams, is from a golden momma that was bred until age dictated she be retired. She was still healthy and strong with good joints. Sage comes from an AKC registered Champion Bloodline. Rogan, the sire, is still young, but is also from healthy stock. His sire is both genetically tested and is OFA clear for both hips and elbows. His dam was our first female retired from our breeding program without ever having being sick or having any problems with her hips or elbows. As many clients understand, there are health risks with any puppy’s future, but we feel confident that we are offering healthy genetics. 


How often does Devon Valley Farm breed puppies?

Our breeding program is based on several factors. First of all, as a mom of four I know it takes a bit for our bodies to rebound after delivery. It is important to us that our mamas have that time and space. For this reason, each momma is generally only delivers once per year. There are exceptions, however, because our dogs run together on our 40 acre farm when loose that nature has taken its course  and they’ve gotten together earlier than that once per year. We understand that standard practice for the majority of breeders is to breed every time a female comes into heat (about every 6 months), and then retire their dogs early. We generally prefer a slower investment from our dog mamas whenever possible, which also means they can enjoy life here with us longer before being retired to a new loving family. 


Additionally, throughout our years of providing this service to our clients, we have discovered that there are certain seasons of the year, where families are more ready to adopt a new puppy. Having that warm weather or Christmas gift engagement tends towards a quicker bond, and better training for the puppy. This is another aspect that goes into our thought process when allowing a heat to develop into a breeding. 


How does the Flight Nanny Service work?


We have had multiple dogs find loving forever homes all over North America - including Hawaii and Canada. 

Devon Valley Farms does not ship puppies under 6 months of age; and even then, only under specific circumstances (ie: working with Guam/Hawaiian puppy travel requirements).  We are happy to offer flight nanny service, though!  This $1,500 service is additional to the puppy cost and includes a personal escort for your puppy as it travels with the nanny inside the cabin of the airplane. The nanny is either ourselves or someone we personally know and trust.  The flight nanny is attuned to your pet's needs and will give special attention to a smooth, caring transition from our farm to your arms.  Included: The nanny will have their own puppy travel carrier per airline guidelines, leash, collar, plus any food/water needs.  The cost is all inclusive with their roundtrip airfare from our local aiport to your own*, up to $125 covered in airline puppy charges*, the $150 airport delivery fee, all puppy care items (you will need to provide a leash and collar upon delivery as all items stay with the puppy nanny).


*If roundtrip airfare exceeds $800 or if there are charges required by the airline that exceed $125, there will be an additional charge added to cover the overage. Flight Nanny fee must be paid ahead for scheduling purposes. We are happy to speak through these detail specifics with you.


How do I choose my puppy?


We like to say that your puppy chooses you! Appointments are made for Adoption Day to choose your gender of choice in the order we receive deposits. You will have one hour to interact, ask questions, and play with the puppies. Then, you will take your puppy home with you that day! 


What if I can't make it for the appointment time on adoption day?

Occasionally we have families who are unable to make it to their appointment time.  While we really do love for you to be in person to be able to interact, meet us, & us meet you, we have had successful adoption picks through FaceTime format. You still have the full hour by appointment to see the puppies playing and ask the questions. Past clients have said that they have been surprised at how personal the appointment process goes - for both in person and FaceTime. It is our goal to make this transition smooth and fully-informed.

Do you sell breeding rights?

We do selling breeding rights for both males and females.  The breeding rights are in addition to the base price of the puppy.

How do we know you are not a puppy mill or scam?

Purchasing your puppy is an exciting, emotional season for your family.  Unfortunately there are scammers who prey upon this vulnerable time.  Devon Valley Farms is not one of those!  We are committed to making every effort to ease this transition so our clients feel safe, fully-informed, and comfortable as you bring a new pet home.  We are happy to offer FaceTime visits to meet us and get a quick tour of our farm and dog kennel facility by appointment (for those who are serious in putting down a deposit).  We send regular photos and video updates to keep you connected as the litter grows.  Clients find this helps make the wait time a little easier, too!

Where can I find what clients are saying about Devon Valley Farms?

We invite our clients to leave an honest Google review about their interactions and experience with our family.  You can leave a review or read others here.


What if I don't see my question listed here?

We are real people and understand that you have real questions!  Our family has been connecting families with their new snuggle buddies for almost 8 years now.  We have had all kinds of questions asked, and we are willing to answer. If you don't find something here on our website, send us an email and we will get back with you as we can.

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